Each of these images are from special moments in Big Sur.... I spend time hiking and exploring and sometimes waiting for hours for the ever changing light to be just right... I find myself returning many times to the same spot to take another photo, so unlike the last.... Big Sur has many faces, changing from the foggy mists to the full golden sun. It is a joy in my life to capture a moment that is truly full of the mystery of life. Having lived in Big Sur as a very young lad, I now have a very large collection of special Big Sur photos that can be printed in many sizes on demand. I have a 60 inch Canon ipf-9400 printer that prints finished up to 54 inches wide and 96 inches long. I laminate the canvas prints with a UV coating on a VacuSeal table to make archival and scratch proof. The matted prints on metal and satin paper are ready for standard size frames. They are archival and will last many decades before ever fading. The canvas prints will also last 100 plus years and can be cleaned with a damp sponge if needed. These prints are made in Big Sur California at my homestead studio overlooking the Redwoods and Sea.